Our Project Partner Toolkit

Abortion Conversation Projects presents webinars for potential partners to learn about the systemic levels of abortion stigma, steps for planning a project, and methods for evaluating a project's effectiveness and impact in a community.

More tools, resources and webinars will be added soon!


In this Planning Your Stigma-Busting Project Webinar, ACP Board members Peg Johnston and Jeannie Ludlow offer guidance on how to create as well as measure the success of your project. This webinar premiered through Inroads, The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma. The Sea Change Program contributed information from their vast research about stigma.  

This PDF document: Planning a Stigma Busting Project as well as this Webinar Worksheet are also useful guides in planning your project. The Sea Change Program has established a site with excellent information about stigma and abortion, including research and evaluation tools. Click here for more.  

Project/Grant Guidelines

If you are funded, we ask you to please review and sign this agreement for your Grant. It is handy to have this Guide available for quick reference as it spells out how we can be helpful and the Project Overview and Implementation needs. Grant Guidelines

Project Evaluation Tools

An evaluation method is requested for all projects. Measuring "cultural change" in Stigma-Busting projects can be challenging. This graphic will help you focus in on the type(s) of stigma your project is addressing and evaluation tool ideas that can assist you in measuring the effectiveness of your project.  

Special thanks to the Sea Change Program.


Grant periods are for one (1) year.We ask that Grant Partners submit a brief 6-Month Check-In Report, regardless of the length of the project, and complete the Grant Partner Final Report & Evaluation within 30 days of project's completion, no later than 1 year from your Grant Award.


We will be promoting your project. Please send us:

  • Logo of your Project or Group

  • Photos & Quotes from the project process and implementation as you go along.

  • We also ask ACP Grant Partners to feature our logo on their project materials and the following sentence:

This project received a Seed Support Grant

from Abortion Conversation Projects to reduce abortion stigma.


Here are formats for both print (PDF) and social media (JPG).