Abortion Conversation Projects and ACP Board members produce materials about having abortion conversations.

A note to our supporters: We are currently working on updating our materials to be more reflective of the full spectrum of people who have abortions. We want to include the experiences and unique needs of underrepresented communities including LGBT, non-binary, trans, low-income, and people of color. While we are in the process of editing these documents, we will leave up the originals for those who find them beneficial. We thank you for your patience.

If you are interested in helping create these new tools, we welcome the support and can be reached at:

"Mom, Dad, I'm Pregnant"

Guide for Teens: How can I tell my parents?
Telling your parents, “I’m pregnant,” probably seems like the hardest conversation you will ever have. Most young people fear their parents’ reactions and may try to keep the pregnancy a secret.

Guide for Parents: How do I respond?
Stop! What you say at this point can influence the outcome positively or negatively. Your first reaction can shut down further discussion or can open the door to trust and cooperation.

One on One Conversations

Elements of an Open and Honest Conversation about Abortion
Real life. The best conversations are based on real life experience. We are not talking about abstract pronouncements of what is right and wrong but an understanding of the human experience.

Real Talk About Abortion: Conversation Starters
The Abortion Conversation Project, as its name suggests, encourages open and honest conversations about abortion. We are abortion providers and allies who believe that this country desperately needs a different conversation about abortion.

The Real Life Guide to Talking about Abortion, by Jeannie Ludlow, PhD, ACP Board
In the political debate between “pro‐choice” and “pro‐life,” have we forgotten that abortion is a very real part of the lives of millions of women in the U.S.? It’s time to re‐focus the conversation about women’s lives and real life decisions.

Post-Abortion Spiritual Health, by Rev. Rebecca Turner, ACP Board Emeritus
I offer this paper from my own reflections gained from ten years’ experience in pastoral counseling with women before and after abortions.

Public Conversations

Frequently Asked Questions in Public Conversations about Abortion
The difficult, hostile or "gotcha" question can make good conversation challenging, but not impossible. You might feel defensive when asked these questions, but advance preparation, including your own exploration of what is uncomfortable, will help.

Shifting Language

Pregnancy: Lose the Adjective! Notes on Language, by Peg Johnston, ACP Board
I find that I am battling language these days in an attempt to talk about pregnancy in a real way. The first word I bumped up against was the word “unwanted” when paired with pregnancy.

The Radical Language of Choice, by Krista Jacob, ACP Board Emeritus
Over the past few years, many pro-choice activists, myself included, have become increasingly frustrated with how the abortion issue is depicted in the mainstream.


Exploratory Meeting: Post Abortion Emotional Health, by ACP and Exhale, 2003
On November 2-3, 2003 in San Francisco, California, the Abortion Conversation Project and Exhale co-sponsored an exploratory meeting on post-abortion emotional health.

The Sea Change Program has established a site with excellent information about stigma and abortion, including research and evaluation tools.