Why I Give


‘Tis the end of the year and the fund-raising letters and emails are filling up the mailbox. This year there is a special urgency to them with the doom of the presidential elections hanging over us all. Giving is a proxy for doing and caring, which doesn’t always seem sufficient, but given our busy lives and many priorities, definitely a good thing. I believe money is a form of energy, and if I can’t personally do everything, my energy can help someone else do more.

My favorite donation is to the Abortion Conversation Projects. It’s all right there in the name. Abortion—is there another issue that intersects so many aspects of our lives or is so targeted by the right wing, or is such a personal matter that should never be questioned by crazy people picketing or by politicians? There might be, but when you have been immersed in the work of abortion care as I have, it is such fertile ground for contemplation of all the big things in life. 

Conversation--- everyone talks about the need for a conversation but we are all so polarized that a real exchange of feelings, ideas, and options is practically impossible. To cultivate real conversations you need good intentions, a lot of support, and courage. Conversation about hot topics like abortion needs a good measure of all of these.

Projects—We have recently added an “s” to Project in our name, to reflect the reality of our work. Every year we give out seed money to 5- 10 small grassroots groups to create opportunities for people to talk compassionately about this complex topic of abortion. Just a little money gets people working amazing projects, making connections that support spaces to have conversations. The result is people finding a voice, finding comfort in the presence of others who understand, and working to reduce the stigma of abortion.

Supporting Abortion Conversation Projects is where I can see hearts opening up, connections being made, and communities growing. And that’s a gift, as they say, that keeps on giving.

--Peg Johnston 

Please join us in this important work to uplift the dignity of people who seek abortion care and the people who provide it. Click here to become part of our community of stigma fighters. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @ACPAbortion.

Your voice matters.