Abortion Monologues, election discourse too!

The Abortion Conversation Project is very proud to have supported a successful production of the “Abortion Monologues” by the Concord Feminist Health Center in NH. They put it on right before the election and hopefully that stimulated some positive dialogue in New Hampshire. Read about the performance of Abortion Monologues here; staff at Concord Feminist participated as actors and there was a panel discussion afterwards.

It is quite remarkable to have abortion go from “a word that must not be spoken” to more or less THE topic (besides JOBS) in the election discourse. Of course, there were code words for abortion, but it was more out there than ever before. We think it is a huge step to have abortion discussed as part of the War on Women, as one of many ways that women are attacked or held back by our culture, our laws, or by the free floating stigma surrounding women’s choices. Some of us are old enough to remember the early second wave of feminism when all women’s “issues” were more or less versions of the same thing. Over the years, we have gotten divided into domestic violence issues, or abortion issues, or other causes that were eventually not connected with the general status of women.

The Abortion Conversation Project realizes that women are stigmatized by many of the choices we make, so we were very happy to support another campaign, “You are a Good Woman” by Unite Women.org. More to come on that project, but check out their great videos here.