Linda Weber: Abortion is not really about abortion

One of the foremost leaders in transforming conversations about abortion is Linda Weber, author of Life Choices, The Teachings of Abortion. She has given us permission to link to her excellent blog posts. Check it out:

Abortion is a collection of some of the most difficult issues related to human growth and development.
 Life Choices

Abortion isn’t really or only about abortion. It’s about women’s power in life, and learning to take conscious responsibility for life on earth. For most women, there’s nothing wrong and everything right about having an abortion. So, what’s the source of the idea that abortion is terrible and a problem? For complete answers, you’ll have to read my book! But meanwhile, consider doing the following:

1. Speak freely about abortion. Cut through the shame and stigma in any way you can.

2. Support your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to speak out and include abortion in the normal course of daily conversations.

3. Be a good listener if there is someone in your life who is upset about abortion. It’s natural and normal to have feelings.

4. Don’t play into the false division between “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” No one is against life.

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