Apply for a grant

Abortion Conversation Projects offers personal support, expert resources, network connections and small seed grants to individuals and small grassroots groups for innovative projects. We encourage ideas that keep with ACP’s mission: To challenge the polarization that characterizes abortion conversation, lessen the stigmatization of abortion, and promote speaking and listening with empathy, dignity, and resilience about even the most difficult aspects of abortion.

We are currently revising our grant application process and deadlines. Please check back next week for more information.

Our intention

It is ACP's intention to create and support a 'stigma-busting' community. We connect with potential and funded Grant Partners on an on-going basis to offer our support and experience whenever it might be helpful. Our Board members bring connections, resources, mentoring and assistance in all areas, from project design to outreach for support and awareness to implementation and evaluation to possibilities for next steps and sustainability.